In Person & Virtual Coaching

We offer a wide variety of video consulting services, from virtual to in person.


This is one of our most popular options. I come to your home of office. I evaluate the best place for you to record in your space. I’ll look at any existing equipment you have and suggest additional gear. I’ll walk you through the recording and editing process.

$250 for the two to three hour consultation.

Virtual Coaching

We meet online and work through your challenges. Some need help with equipment, see if they have things set up correctly, or have me look at a project and suggest ways to improve it.

Others want help with performing on camera and getting around the memorization trap.

And a few people split their session between technical and performance training.

We meet on Skype, Google Hangouts, or

A 30 minute online session is $30.

If you commit to buying four coaching sessions, you’ll get the fifth one for free.

Strategy Session

You may have some equipment and some knowledge but you need some outside advice on what to do for your next big project, like a video series. It’s the kind of thing you need to get right the first time and you don’t want to waste time on mistakes.

We’ll communicate through Skype, Google Hangouts, or and come up with a plan designed to maximize your time and resources.

Strategy Sessions are $100/hr.

Video Recordings

You come to my studio or I come to your location for a recording session. At this point, we both know your vision and it’s time to execute it. We will work together to get the most out of your performance.

Video sessions start at $85/hour.


Maybe you have existing video that you need to have edited into a project. Or you may need some special editing to add an extra dimension to your project, or turn a 60 minute talk into several shorter clips.

Whatever your need, we work together on your vision. You get to see drafts of the work. If it’s perfect out of the gate, that’s great. Otherwise, we’ll work to make it right. You have the final say on the project.

The cost of an editing project depends on its complexity. Before we do anything, we’ll talk about what you want to do and agree to a price.


Have a need for video consulting services that you don’t see here? Get in touch and we will see if we can find a solution.