Equipment Tips

I’m often asked for recommendations on audio and video equipment. Below you’ll find some of the items I’ve used or liked. Be aware that models can change and a drop in price may be your sign that an item may soon be discontinued, which is a great opportunity to get a great deal.

This smartphone tripod (above) is a great buy and highly functional. The clamp that holds your smartphone can also be used with a traditional tripod. You unscrew it from one and screw it on the other.

I like this microphone (above) as it gives a rich sound for general recording. The cord is probably longer than what you need but better too much cord than too little. Recently, I’ve noticed an increase in the price to a very high level. Check this link to see if it’s cheaper through this electronics site.

The microphone above will also work with smartphones and tablets.

This is a camera I’ve recommended to several people. Lots of function but it won’t break the bank.

The next two items are popular microphones for activities like Podcasting.

Want to plug two lavaliere (clip on) microphones into your camcorder? Buy this adaptor to get the job done. Your two mics plug into the adaptor and then the adaptor plugs into your camera.

StudioPRO 5′ x 6.5′ Black/White Double Sided Twist Pop Out Muslin Backdrop for Photo & Video Studio Photography Background Panel by StudioPRO

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