Meet Ken Okel

Ken Okel, Help with video, video coach, how to use youtube to promote your business, how to pick the right video cameraYou may be wondering, “Who is Ken Okel?” Video has been a natural extension of the decade I spent working in TV news. The same principles of storytelling and production apply to the video world.

YouTube has changed the game, providing you with a free distribution platform. Cameras have improved so much that I can practically do TV production in my home.

During my news career, I learned some great tips and techniques from some extremely talented photographers. As a team, we learned how to boost the quality of our stories, even when we were under intense time pressure or equipment limitations. These techniques have served me well as I use my own cameras to promote my speaking business and my coaching endeavors.

Whether I’m writing a book, appearing on TV, or speaking at a conference, I’m a natural communicator. I understand how people take in information and the need to make that information interesting.

Most of all, I get it. I understand that video can be intimidating. As a communicator, I’m able to tell you about the best techniques in easy to understand terms. Are you ready to get started?