Should You Outsource Your YouTube Video Creation?

Help with Video - Don't outsource, Youtube tips, Ken OkelWhile you may feel like you don’t the time or the expertise to come up with your own YouTube videos, Ken Okel warns you not to outsource their creation.

In this edition of Help with Video, Ken Okel talks about how it’s okay to get some help but you really want to make sure you control your message. Otherwise, you make end up with a generic product, rather than a YouTube video that showcases your expertise.

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Ken Okel spent more than a decade in TV news, where he picked up a tip or two about video. As a natural communicator, he’s able to easily explain these principles. You may also know Ken from his presentations at conventions and conferences, where he teaches leaders how to become more productive.

Ken Okel decided to share what he’s learned about video after he heard of too many people spending too much money for poor results. That’s why Ken has started this ongoing video series, designed to give you the ability to make quality YouTube videos on your own.

Why not promote your business with video? With Ken, you’re given easy how-to steps that can apply to any budget.

Want more? Check out Ken’s ebook, “Mastering Video.”

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