Tips for a Livestream Event

Ken Okel, professioanal speaker, Audience interaction and engagementMore and more, we’re seeing livestreaming become part of conferences. I’ve had a chance to be a part of some conference’s virtual reports. They included streaming regular conference presentations and additional discussions.

It’s a good tool, in the world of video, but also one that you need to use correctly. Otherwise, your credibility could be undercut. Here are some takeaways:

Preparation for Livetstream

Do a lot of preparation. If you’re scheduled to interview someone on the livestream, make sure the segment has a clear goal and focus. Don’t “wing it.”

Treat it like a high profile live TV interview. Talk to the interview subject beforehand and make sure that person is focused. Otherwise, your segment may seem like it was squeezed between a bathroom break and the afternoon snack.

Respect the Livestream Audience’s Time

Be prepared to fill time because main stage presentations may be delayed. When you’re at an event, you may not notice that things are happening 15 minutes late.

But the online audience may become very frustrated, especially if they’re just looking at a live shot of people eating salad in a ballroom. Have backup interviews or talking points ready to discuss if you need to fill time. If you try to make it up on the spot, the value can become questionable.

Make the Livestream Interactive

Can you find a way to involve the virtual audience in the event, where they are contributing? Your virtual meeting should not be seen as one-way communication.

Maybe a past presenter, who is not at the event, could be brought in to give an update. If audience questions are taken, then can the virtual attendees also ask questions? Have this process clearly defined.

Preparation for Your Livestream

Practice. Make sure you won’t be distracting the virtual audience by mispronouncing names or stumbling over scripted lines. Treat the presentation before the virtual audience as you would if you were on stage.

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